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Avant Garde Gifts Launch

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Today at PageNorth we are excited to share that avant garde's newly designed website has launched! 

We proposed a new online shopping solution to replace avant garde's existing online website and social pages. The new website contains a more simplistic shopping experience along with a cleaner design that evokes luxury across the brand.

We started the project by looking at avant garde's existing site and looking at what didn't work well and what could be done to improve the user experience. The team at avant garde also helped by explaining any issues they perceived with their existing website.  A joint decision was made to proceed with the development of a completely new site and online store.  As a PageNorth managed customer there was no development cost to avant garde for any of this.

The new website needed to improve on the user experience and everything has been rebuilt from the ground up to ensure that when shopping online. The site has significantly improved compatibility with tablet and mobile devices. Loading times have also drastically reduced with an increase in performance of over 60% compared to the old shop load times. This leads to a more complete shopping experience for the end user, which is exactly what we set out to achieve.

Visit the new site and let us know what you think! -

Our design team have also put together some beautiful new artwork that showcases the new site on a number of devices.

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