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Creating a professional, eye-catching and accurate logo for your business (part 2)

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Following last week’s article, we thought we should delve a bit deeper into logos and their importance.

Two articles in a row about a seemingly basic topic will be strange to some, but logos hold a lot more importance than you might think.

Logo design may look easy, but until you try it for yourself, most people don’t realise just how difficult it really is and how many things there are to remember.

What’s the problem?

Logo design isn’t just about making something visually appealing, there’s a host of factors that must be taken into consideration: brand personality and identity, colour scheme and more.

Having said that, business owners don’t need to know or care about the intricacies of logo design, there are plenty of companies that will design one, so what’s the problem?

We frequently help people who come to us looking for help to fix a poorly designed logo.

Think of it like a bad tattoo from a cheap tattoo parlor - you end up having to spend money to get it fixed by a reputable tattooist, someone you should’ve gone to in the first place. Ultimately it costs more money and time.

It’s not just a logo

So, what sorts of problems do we encounter?

Image formatting is a common issue, knowing which to use and why.

Can it be scaled down to a small size (printed on a pen, for example) or a huge size (a billboard, an IMAX cinema screen or even on a building).

All of these factors are extremely important when a company has a logo developed — but many business owners don’t know all of these things, they just want a logo.

The main thing to remember is that it’s not just a logo, there are a lot of things that need to be considered. Your logo is how you present your brand to the public, how you want to be perceived visually.

Cutting corners

There are plenty of cheap options and services, but do they take these things into consideration? Are they cutting corners? Do they have the experience?

A few key points to consider:

  • Is your logo in the correct format?
  • Does it work at scale (even teeny-tiny!)?
  • Are there versions that can be shown horizontally, vertically and in a square/circle (profile pictures, branded items et cetera)?
  • Do the colours pass accessibility standards?
  • Is it aesthetically pleasing?
  • Does it represent your brand positively and correctly?
  • Are all fonts licensed for usage?

These aren’t the only things to think about, but you don’t have to worry about that. Let us do it for you!

Contact our team for more information and click HERE for more about logo design.

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