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Do I need a website for my small business?

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In today’s world if people are searching for something, the first thing they do is run a Google search. So, if you don’t have a website, you’re missing out on those leads for your business. A good website is beneficial. It showcases your products and services, plus it allows your customers to find your products and get in touch.

Ability to sell online through e-commerce

Prior to the global pandemic, e-commerce growth was skyrocketing. A report from  2018 showed that sales reached 688.4bn GBP. Clearly, e-commerce is well worth the investment. With physical locations being forced to close, at PageNorth we’ve seen a noticeable growth in sales on all of our client hosted websites.

Easy to apply updates

Websites nowadays are easy to update, especially with the inclusion of the blogs and managed website services we offer at PageNorth. In just a few clicks it’s easy to create a new blog post for your website and provide updates to your audience.

Look professional

A branded website makes you look professional and more reputable. Websites convey trust to users. They serve as a point of contact if anything were to go wrong. A trustworthy and reputable brand will have  a great website designed with their audience in mind.

Target local customers through Google Business

It’s easy to promote your local small business through Google Business. If someone searches  for ‘plumber in fife’ Google will rank your listing on Maps which will showcase your website and contact details. Your business will also show up with a marker on Google Maps so that it can be discovered by address.

Do I need a website for my business if I’m on social media?

A lot of  businesses question whether  they need a website if  they have social media. In short, yes. Having a website  allows you to control the content and the experience. Part of the reason you started your own business is so you don’t have to follow other peoples rules and guidelines, right?  So why would you limit yourself to the constraints of a social media platform? Not only that but social media trends and platforms change over time.  Twitter may be relevant today but in five  year's time, who’s  to say we won’t have moved onto a new platform? With a website you can guarantee that it’s going to be relevant in years to come and with PageNorth’s Managed Website Service your site will always be up to date and looking great.

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