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Essential Tips for Improving Your Website

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Your website is a key tool for generating leads, increasing sales and reaching new audiences. A good website has the potential to be the most important asset of your business and can provide you with opportunities to grow and develop at a fast rate. However, with this being said, the digital world is ever-changing which is why it is crucial that you are kept updated with trends and designs. The PageNorth team has put together a list of ways you can improve your website to ensure you are staying ahead of your competitors. 

Optimise Your Site Speed

47% of online users expect a webpage to load within 2 seconds and if it doesn’t, chances are they will leave your site without completing any action, which will result in an extremely high bounce rate. We live in a world where people expect things here and now and when they don’t get it, they can become extremely frustrated and will often never visit your website again. There are many ways you can improve your site speed such as compressing all images before uploading them to your website, reduce redirects, remove render-blocking JavaScript, leverage browser caching and much more. 

Use Calls to Action (CTA’s) Throughout Your Website

CTA’s provide you with the opportunity to motivate your users to take the steps required to become a customer or client. This can be the determining factor between a lead and a conversion which is why the CTA button has become such a necessary aspect of a website. By including attractive CTA’s throughout your website you are guiding your users through your sales funnel and instructing them on what to do next, prompting immediate action. Additionally, your customers want to be told what to do and need to have clear buttons in-between content so they can make quick purchases and get back to scrolling through their social media feeds. 

Be Responsive and Mobile Friendly 

Over the years technology has adapted to meet our mobile needs which is why it is crucial your website is mobile friendly and responsive. By being mobile-friendly, your users will find it easier to navigate throughout your website whilst on the go and therefore improving your conversion rate. More so, Google penalises websites that are not optimised for mobile which could result in a significant decrease in visibility and thus traffic. If you are unsure if your website is mobile-friendly you can use this free tool.

Include Engaging Content and Images 

Content is a fantastic way to target highly searched relevant key phrases, however you must be careful not to overload your website with words. Images are a fantastic way to break up large pieces of content and provide your users with a visual to support the points being made. Infographics are a fantastic way to easily share information without spamming pages with heavy content. Although you may think that you need content to target keywords, you can use alt-tags within images to do so. It is important that your content and images are engaging and relevant and provide users with the information they are seeking. 

Contact PageNorth today and discover how we can improve your website and ensure that it is optimised for search and mobile, driving more traffic to your site to increase your conversion rate.

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