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How to find out what's trending on TikTok

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TikTok is continuing to prove itself as a valuable platform for marketers.

Its popularity and features make it a great place for your social media marketing campaigns to run, largely due to the regularity of trends.

There are loads of ways that your business can hop on a TikTok trend, the issue is finding them in the first place.

When you start to see a trend regularly, it will already be on the way out, as they come and go so quickly.

You need to be prepared to take a part right as it begins.

So how do you find out what's trending on TikTok?

Use your 'For You' page

The For You page on TikTok is where you will find all popular videos that are recommended for you.

Although the FYP is curated to your preferences, it still offers currently popular bits of content to the user.

One of the best things to look out for on your FYP is sounds, as using popular sounds will really help your reach, and sounds trend on the app often.

You can check how popular a sound is by clicking on its icon at the bottom left of a video, then you can see the name and the number of videos using it.

If there are lots of videos using the sound, odds are it's trending or was trending at some point.

Use the 'Search' tab

TikTok will show you a range of trending video topics when you open your search tab.

These are all searches that TikTok has marked as trending.

The results could be sounds, phrases, or just video topics in general.

Looking through the searches will give you ideas for videos that are doing well currently, and how you can hop on the trend before it dies down.

Stay on top of pop culture and events

Probably the biggest part of finding trends is awareness.

For example, I'm sure you all saw the Will Smith and Chris Rock incident at the awards show early this year.

After the slap occurred, TikTok trends began to come from it, including audio edits of the interaction they had.

Some businesses even jumped onto the trend, making jokes about the event.

Some current events may be too controversial for a business account, but with some common sense, you can navigate which are acceptable to make jokes about, and which aren't.

The more you use TikTok personally, the more trends you will see emerging, and the more opportunities will show themself to you.

If you are on the app enough, you will be able to see what's going on and will have a greater understanding of trends.

As long as you get in there quickly, you should be able to generate some impressions on your content.

Speed is key, as trends can come and go in a matter of days.

There's nothing worse than seeming ungenuine and behind, so if a trend has started to slow down, consider whether or not you have tried to get involved in time because brands making irrelevant jokes and content puts the viewer off.


At the end of the day, there isn't an exact formula for finding trends and joining in with them.

Some trends won't be compatible with your business and brand, and sometimes the delivery might be off, meaning you won't get the results you hope for.

Take your time, and make sure your marketing team is in the know when it comes to TikTok, create a social media marketing plan which suits your business model.

If you need help with your social media marketing, then contact our team to see how we can improve your marketing campaigns.

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