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Reddit: Should it be part of your social media plan?

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Reddit is often forgotten when it comes to social media platforms.

It is incredibly popular but can slip your mind in regard to social media marketing plans.

Reddit has roughly 420 million users, so it’s not exactly unknown.

It’s also known that Gen Z will often use social media to search for information, so apps like Reddit offer a new opportunity for brands.

What is Reddit?

Reddit is a forum-style social media platform, which offers something called “subreddits”.

A subreddit is a forum on the site, which will be used to discuss a specific topic.

Users can join the subreddit to share information and resources on the topic, and then other users can comment and discuss the specific posts.

There is also a voting system on posts, so posts can get upvoted or downvoted.

This works as a rating, so posts with many upvotes will typically be higher quality, more interesting, or simply funny.

Reddit values community and collaboration when it comes to sharing information.

It can be used to educate and answer questions, share personal opinions, stories, and updates/news on specific topics.


If you are talking about a web design subreddit, it will be referred to as “R/Web design”, this is how subreddits are formatted on the platform.

So, you would say “R slash Web design”, rather than “The web design subreddit”.

A subreddit can be created by any user on the platform, but the more the member of the subreddit grows, the more moderation is needed.

Mod and admi roles can be assigned to members, to ensure that the subreddit is being used correctly and any other moderation that is required.

They will often have rules and regulations in place too so that members understand what is expected of them before joining and posting.

This is for safety reasons, and to avoid any harmful conversations beginning.

How to use Reddit for marketing

Market research

Reddit is full of information and real people sharing their thoughts and opinions.

This is why it’s a great resource for researching your market and target audience.

No matter what kind of services or products you provide, there will be a subreddit for it.

Have a look at what kind of things people are saying, their likes, dislikes, and general opinions.

You can also ask questions within the subreddit and get direct feedback if there’s anything you might want to know.

Brand awareness

Simply being present in subreddits as a business can help with awareness.

If you are an IT company, then you can give advice and lurk around IT-related subreddits, it builds trust and lets people know that you are knowledgeable.

You can also use Reddit to connect with and talk to other brands, business owners, and companies.

It’s pretty faceless compared to other social media platforms, but making connections is still always going to be a plus.


You can run ads on Reddit!

If you are looking to advertise to specific segments of your market or just people with specific interests, then Reddit is fantastic.

We mentioned subreddits earlier, which are just communities of people with a specific interest or affiliation.

You can advertise within a specific subreddit, so depending on the one you choose, you can reach an incredibly meaningful audience.

For example, a company that sells surfboards can advertise to people within the R/Surfing subreddit.

Pretty specific, right?

Plus, you didn’t hear this from us, but Reddit is currently offering $100 free credit for advertising!

If you need help setting up a Reddit ad campaign with your free credit, our team can help.

Create your own subreddit

Whether it’s a subreddit for your brand specifically, or the products/services you provide, creating a subreddit can allow your loyal customers to discuss your brand and business as a whole between themselves.

This means that you can take information from them, and it also creates excitement whenever there’s a new product launch or big updates on your brand!

Not just can customers talk between themselves, but they can ask questions and start conversations with you, but only if you take the time to get back to them.

Overall, reddit is a great place to carry out a social media marketing plan for your business, especially if your target audience is very niche.

Reddit values niche topics and products and provides a space for anything and anyone.

If you need help creating a social media marketing plan, contact us at PageNorth and see how our team can help you.

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