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Website Maintenance

At PageNorth, we strongly believe that having a website is not a one-time investment, it requires ongoing maintenance and updates so that it continues functioning at its best, and stays relevant to your audience. When we are providing our ongoing support with your website after launch, you can know that your website is always running smoothly and giving a great experience for your users.

There will be regular updates to the CMS (Content Management System), software updates, security monitoring, and backups. These kinds of support will ensure that your website is protected from potential threats, as well as keep it optimised for search engines.

Regular Updates
Adding new content to your website

Along with the technical side of maintenance, we will also keep your content and design up-to-date. The digital landscape is always changing when it comes to web design, and your business will develop and grow with time, we make sure your website reflects that.

Any changes to branding and messaging can be applied to your website, keeping your identity cohesive and consistent. Plus, your website will always look visually current, an outdated appearance on your website won't inspire users or make them want to convert.

Any new pages, content, media, or design aspects can be changed whenever you want. Simply get in touch with our team and make use of the unlimited changes that we offer you, at no extra cost.

Search engines will also prefer well-maintained websites, regular updates with fresh, relevant content will push up your ranking and improve visibility.

Ongoing maintenance will assist with marketing efforts and campaigns, as it provides crucial data and analytics. Website traffic, user behaviour, and conversion rates can all be used to optimise your website for better performance and engagement.

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