By Rebecca

We are delighted to share that over the last few months we have been working with Rebecca Robertson from By Rebecca to produce a completely bespoke website and shopping experience to complement her new brand identity.


Rebecca approached us to assist with her new brand and naturally we wanted to help with anew website and shopping experience for her customers. As many entrepreneurs do, Rebecca started out on Squarespace which allowed her to grow her new business but she started to experience the limitations of the platform and having to do all the website work herself. She also wanted a more professional looking website that would provide the functionality needed and had the ability to scale to meet her international following. A large part of Rebecca’s work is with personalised and bespoke products which were proving to be near impossible to manage with Squarespace. We made sure that user personalisations were easy to understand and select on the site. This works seamlessly for the customer due to the complexity of the programming and database running behind the scene, e.g. Customers can now choose where they would like the stamping (on the front, back or both sides), what kind of stamping, the message for stamping, sizing, material choices and all shown to the customer intelligently using simple drop-down menu’s populated based on their previous choices.


Rebecca wanted a presence that would convey professionalism whilst being minimalistic. The new brand overhaul is a huge stepping stone for the business and a consistent design was applied across all areas of business. Part of great design, is functionality and rigorous testing. We knew the majority of Rebecca's customers would be viewing the site from their phone or tablet and we tested the site thoroughly to ensure that it worked perfectly regardless of the device used by the customer. As a result, the website and e-commerce store work seamlessly on all devices.
Mobile and Tablet views

Fully Responsive

Since the site has launched, 90% of visits have been from a mobile or tablet device!

The Future

We were delighted to work with Rebecca on this initial stage and look forward to providing her with further backend systems in the future that will allow her to grow and scale her business. These include a dedicated wholesale system, full MRP (Manufacturer Resource Planning) and of course stock management and distribution.

The future is looking very bright for this talented entrepreneur and her decision to partner with PageNorth has only strengthened this.


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