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What Is Evergreen Content: A Beginners Guide to Drive More Traffic to Your Site

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Do you find that no matter how many blog posts you churn out each and every month you are not finding there to be a consistent traffic coming to your site? Or that when you do publish a blog post it generates high volume traffic for a period of time before dropping again? This is probably because the content you are publishing is not ‘evergreen’, however fear not - we are here to give you the top tips for creating evergreen content!

What is Evergreen Content

Evergreen content is simply content that is relevant regardless of the time of year, aka search trends should not affect this as the content is something which can be useful and ‘fresh’ for users for a long period of time. 

You might find yourself saying ‘but my content is always relevant’ however if you look back at your past blog posts are they actually always going to be useful for users at all times of the year? As marketing specialists we can all be guilty of focusing on the current trends in keywords and not considering whether they will have an ongoing impact. For example, seasons can be a topic to many blog posts, whether it’s ‘how to style your spring wedding’ or ‘best fashion trends for summer 2020’ - these of course are great for those specific periods of the year but they will not continue to bring traffic to your site throughout the rest of the 


Why is Evergreen Content Important

There are a few reasons to why evergreen content works so well and is the forefront of all content based marketing strategies: 

  • Long-term value; when you publish a good piece of evergreen content it can bring traffic to your website for years which means you do not need to create new content as often and time can be spent focusing on other aspects of SEO.
  • Backlinks; it has been shown that evergreen content is brilliant for getting backlinks, even years after it goes live. This improves rankings and shows an element of trust for your website as well as continuously driving traffic.
  • Great for SEO; as the content is always relevant then your keywords that are used should always be searched for. Therefore you are able to drive traffic organically to your website without having to worry as much about paid advertisement. 

Evergreen Article Ideas

A majority of searches come from a user who has a question that needs answered, so when creating content think about a way that you can answer these questions related to your business. Here are a few article ideas for a range of sectors. 


  • Top fashion tips to suit your body type 
  • How to style your wardrobe when on a budget 
  • Dress to impress; what to wear on a date night

Oil and Gas

  • How to apply for a job within oil and gas 
  • Top tips for working offshore 
  • How to invest in the oil & gas industry


  • Best exercises for losing weight 
  • Top tips for gaining muscle 
  • How to get a 6 pack in 6 easy steps

Food and Drink 

  • Best places to eat in Glenrothes
  • Top 10 vegetarian meals 
  • The best cocktails you can make at home

Notice that the above examples are all answers to questions, include tips and guides, include bold statements such as ‘best’ and centre around saving money and improving yourself? This can be applied to other sectors of course, but when you are brainstorming for articles it is important that you consider the below points which people tend to always search for: 

  • Dating and relationships 
  • Food 
  • Saving money and investing 
  • Parenting 
  • Weight loss 
  • Jobs and career 
  • Pet care

The aim is to apply the above topics to your own business and from here you will see a continuous increase of traffic. Additionally, it has been found through various case studies that list posts work extremely well when applied within evergreen content. 

Yes evergreen articles are brilliant for constantly bringing traffic to your website however it is important to just focus on creating this type of content. Throughout the year people will be searching for things based on current events, seasons and trends so you must take this into consideration too. I would suggest creating a content plan where around 70% of your content is written with the aim of being evergreen and the other 30% of your content is focused on trends, season and current events. 

If you are looking for more information regarding evergreen content, please get in touch with us today. We also offer further digital marketing services such as SEO, PPC and Social Media. 

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