Why a great logo is important for your startup

For new startup businesses it can be tough to gain the attention and stand out from already existing competitors. This is why it is important to develop a good logo and brand for your new startup which can be vital to the success and recognition of your new business.

The main reason for having an attentive logo and branding is to grab potential customers attention. Customers can make up their mind instantly about a business just from it's logo so it's imperative to get it right before you begin the marketing process. This can work to your advantage if you have a great logo and foundation for branding.

Another reason why having a great logo is important to your business is that it is the foundation of your brand's identity. Having a logo allows your brand to be conveyed consistently through the use of a harmonious colour palette and typography. These elements transfer to all of the business's branding materials including letter heads, complement slips, business cards and anything business and marketing related. With consistent brand material, it allows for customers to develop a sense of identification for the business. As an example, clients of PageNorth that see a green triangle will think of PageNorth as the rest of our branding and material is in line with the same colour scheme and the typography we use is the same across all platforms.

An experiment was carried out on 156 participants where they were asked to draw a range of iconic logos from memory. While the results are varied, it shows most participants did a great job on capturing the key aspects of the logo including the colours and the style of typeface.
A great logo can also foster brand loyalty to consumers. If you see a Nike logo on a pair of shoes, you know you're going to be getting a great quality product. If you develop a good and healthy product or service loyalty will come naturally to your business and word of mouth will spread.

Some of these are just a few of the key reasons that a great logo is important for your new business and vital for getting some traction.
Source: Signs.com
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