Why go for a Managed Website?

Managed Websites bring many advantages to clients over traditional static websites. Our service allows customers to pay an affordable monthly fee, essentially like a subscription, which offers unlimited updates and support for your website. We believe this is the best business model to follow as it allows our clients to have changes made at any time. Whether you want a section of text adapted, or the whole site redesigned from the ground up, it's all included in the monthly fee, so you don't have to worry about any additional costs.

Typically, if clients want to commission a website, they have their requirements evaluated by an agency who will then quote them a large one-off sum to produce the site with a smaller ongoing maintenance fee. At Page North, we know this can be quite daunting. Our Managed Website's eliminate the large upfront cost, making it far more manageable for small to medium sized businesses. We also offer Managed E- Commerce which follows the same principle and is amazing value compared to the costs advertised by more traditional agencies. Obviously, an upfront cost will be drastically higher than the monthly cost we offer, which many clients find suits them better.

Every month, our clients receive an update from one of our team members containing useful information on how they can improve their site and what they can do to bring in more traffic. Additionally, we offer extra marketing services as an add- on to your existing monthly fee where we can dedicate a budget each month to advertising and various other improvement tools. Every client is given access to our online dashboard which showcases their website(s) in an easy to view list from which you can preview every site, whether it’s on a desktop, tablet or mobile. This enables them to see for themselves how well their site performs across various devices. Clients can also view statistics for their website, detailing how many users accessed the website over a period of time, or what devices they are accessing from.
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