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Why should you have an eCommerce store?

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The way that consumers shop has changed dramatically, due to us living in a predominantly digital world.

Going to the high street or shopping centre isn’t the only way to make purchases.

Statista found that over 80% of the population uses online shopping and that 57% of consumers would rather shop online that go to a physical store.

Taking this into account, let’s get into to benefits of having an eCommerce store.

Lower costs

There’s lots of costs that come with running a store.

Firstly, you must rent or buy the space you are selling from, the more foot traffic you are likely to get, the higher the rent cost will be.

Then there’s bills on top of that, electricity and water being two basic examples.

When you first open a store, you have to furnish it, any renovation and maintenance costs for the building are continuous.

To put it simply, the costs of having a physical store will pile up.

An eCommerce store has none of this.

The cost of a website is much lower and comes with a lot less issues in the long run.

You pay to have a website built, most website developers will include the cost of hosting and a domain in their price, so you don’t have to worry about that.

An eCommerce store is also lower because of labour costs.

A store must always have staff to be open, you need staff to look after the store everyday and they must be paid for their hours.

As well as cashiers and people to do stocking, you might even need security to ensure the safety of staff, customers and products.


Having an online store is also more convenient for you and customers.

Many people prefer to shop from the comfort of their own home, this is also helpful for people with time consuming jobs.

Online shopping gives customers 24-hour access to the products they want and need.

Not just is it easy for the customer, it makes your life easier too.

You can run your business from home, there are no opening times for your store and it can run itself at night.

This lets you balance your work life and personal life while still giving customers constant access to your products.


eCommerce stores make stock tracking much easier.

You can determine which products are selling well and which aren’t, so that you can adjust supply to meet demand.

Clothing as an example, if you had a t shirt that was selling really well, you could release it in more colours to diversify your product line.

You can scale up your business sales, customer base and profits.

You can also grow your business as a whole, as expansion can happen naturally.

You don’t have to open new locations or enter new geographical markets.

An eCommerce store will expand with its popularity, as long as you can deliver internationally.

Niche market access

If you visit your local high street, the same kinds of shops will usually be present.

Drugstores, a few mainstream clothing shops, convenience stores, your ‘Poundland’, ‘Savers’ type shops.

All of which are good and provide a lot of the goods that people need, but you will rarely find any stores selling more niche and specified products.

This is because the local customer base can be too small, unless you are in a big city.

Online, searching for obscure and specific products will still bring results, as someone somewhere will be selling it.

Due to this, eCommerce stores allow you to reach your target audience easily with keywords.

Customer tracking

A key aspect of your business’s success is how you use the data you receive to make improvements.

Having an eCommerce store lets you receive, track and work with this data in a much simpler way.

When you search online and click on a website, you will see the ‘cookies’ pop up on your screen, asking for your preferences.

This is to track your habits and journey as the audience, so that the company can use your data.

Online stores let you track where your customers are coming from, so then you can alter your marketing funnels.

You can see their buying habits and trends, so you know when its better to run ad campaigns that will bring conversions.

There’s a whole range of things you can do, tracking to this level simply isn’t possible in a physical store.

Customer information can also be saved if they make an account, to make their checkout easier in future.


While marketing, there are steps you take before making a sale.

The first step in the marketing funnel is attention.

It’s easy to grab someone’s attention with an advert or deal, the hard part is keeping it.

You have a good marketing campaign going, people are seeing and connecting with your message, but they will have to make a physical trip to your store to make a purchase.

This can discourage the customer; many simply don’t have the time to travel to a store and browse.

If you have their attention, its much easier to redirect them to an online store as it takes no effort on their part.

A single click and they can browse, the customer can look anywhere, at any time.

They can even keep the page open and come back to it if they’re in a rush.


Running an eCommerce store might not work for everyone.

Technology may be advanced, but we still cant get digital haircuts.

If you have physical products or services that don’t require the customer to be present, eCommerce stores can be brilliant for you.

You can even have an eCommerce store as well as a physical store, a cheaper way to expand from your location.

It’s affordable and easy.

If you are thinking about getting an eCommerce website, our team can help you.

Get in contact to discuss your options and perfect website.

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