Search Engine Optimisation

Our advanced search engine marketing techniques will ensure that your business is effective for search rankings across Google and Bing. Our consultants map out your site and identify what's working and what isn't. They will then recommend changes to drive more traffic to your site.

We find the right keywords

Each page that ranks on Google does so through various metrics, one of which is keywords. Keywords are the terms that a user may enter into their search engine in order to find results. Our marketing team are specially trained and consistently undergo further training to ensure that your business ranks to its full potential.

Social Marketing

Not only do our specialists provide optimisation for Google but they can also market your website across social media platforms ranging from Facebook, Instagram and Twitter. Our clients have seen huge growth with the use of Facebook Ads with website traffic increasing by up to 80% almost instantly.

SEO optimisation takes time to become effective but Social Marketing provides an almost instant boost to your Brand awareness and drives traffic to special offer landing pages that we create on your Managed Website. These are designed to capture visitor details and encourage them to follow a signup, purchase or other path that leads to a positive business outcome for you.

Effective content

One of the often forgotten requirements to achieving results with search engine optimisation is the way in which content on a website is written and how frequently it is updated. If a website is published and isn't updated for months Google takes this into account and will penalise your ranking as it is looking for sites with active and fresh content. One of the primary benefits of our Managed Service is the ability to update any content at any time and as such there is absolutely no reason for your website to be static. We will update content, help with blogging, change pages and add new content whenever you need. Just raise a ticket on our helpdesk!
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