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What is a managed website?

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Managed website services exist to create and maintain your website. They can be helpful as it takes a weight off your shoulders, but what does a managed website service actually include?

Different places can offer you different packages, but here’s some examples of what we will provide you with.

Built and personalised website

We offer a managed website service that can build you a high quality, functional website that is also customisable and catered to your vision. No templates used, so it is unique and reflective of your business.

Unlimited updates

Once your website has been created, you can’t just forget about it and move on. Whether it’s a sale, new products or a blog post, we can make sure your website is up-to-date and shows the information you need it to.


Sometimes, tech issues can pop-up out of nowhere, we’re here to fix that at no extra cost. Our dedicated and experienced team is available to you whenever you need them.

Marketing strategies

No matter how attractive and functional your website is, customers can still struggle to find you. In our managed website service. We’ll make sure your website is search engine optimised as well as having blogging and CMS options. Using a range of techniques, we’ll bring more traffic to your website.

To put it simply, we’ll run your website your way. All the technicalities and issues can be dealt with by us, so all you have to worry about is knowing what your dream website looks like!

To find out more, take a look at our managed website service page and get in contact with our team.

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