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What comes with your new managed website?

GSA Transfers Responsive Website

Responsive Design

Each PageNorth managed website is designed in the knowledge we are all using mobile devices more and the mobile experience needs to be compelling. Each site is developed to ensure a positive user experience regardless of the device being used. GSA Transfers is one example of how our websites adapt to any screen size. A website should be responsive as standard. Don't settle for anything less.

Copywriting and blogging

Struggling for content? Most customers do! Our dedicated copywriting team will discuss your business and the message you want your new site to convey. They will assist in creating content that will engage and inform. We also offer our blogging service which means our dedicated content team will write articles relating to your field of business to improve SEO and customer engagement.

Marketing and SEO

Marketing and SEO go hand in hand in achieving better results when it comes to traffic and click rate. Our Managed Website's are all SEO optimised and we offer additional marketing services to consistently drive new traffic to your site. Our team will help you engage across all Social Media platforms including advertising with Google and Facebook. 

How we achieve SEO results

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Get your business found on major search engines like Google and Bing with our essential search engine optimisation techniques. Within just a few months of your website going live (don't believe anyone who says they can do it quicker!) you will start to see increasing data results ranging from the amount of clicks your website has received and even where in the world your customers are accessing your website from. A month after launch, our team will prepare a managed website data report in an easy to understand format and help you with suggestions of what can be done to improve your ranking. We will measure your results quarterly and provide useful reports and recommendations to evaluate and improve your ROI (return on investment).
Online marketing is a minefield and costs can very quickly spiral without any real results. Our specialists will advise and assist you in creating a marketing strategy based on your goals. They will then discuss realistic advertising budgets so you know exactly what you are spending. Once your marketing plan is put in place, our marketing specialists will measure the success of each campaign and adjust accordingly throughout the campaign to maximise the desired benefit whether that is visits to your website, calls to your sales teams or driving traffic to specific landing pages featuring specific offers or promotions. The team have a variety of tools at their disposal to achieve this, including utilising the considerable power of Google, Facebook and LinkedIn.
PageNorth Help desk

Dedicated Helpdesk

What good is an amazing website if you can't get quick and effective support? Included with every Managed Service is access to our help desk support system. This is a 24/7 online platform where tickets can be raised and monitored. Our dedicated support team will respond to your request quickly and assign you to the correct person to deal most efficiently with your request. This is also where you can request any updates or changes to your website or service. Our support team is rightly proud of their enviable record on answering tickets and assisting our clients. We know that our business is centred around customer support and we understand this is at the core of our success.

Which PageNorth service works best for you and your business? 

Managed Website

A brand new website, designed, hosted and managed for you, so you can start attracting potential new customers

Managed Website Plus

Enhanced services and basic online retail requirements

Managed E-Commerce

A complete E-Commerce solution for an integrated website, online shop and retail store to sell more products with less headaches!
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