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Pelo: A logo design case study

"Consistent communication and feedback throughout the design process can make a world of difference to the final product and a client’s rapport and trust."

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The story of the Levi's logo (part 2)

In an effort to refresh the brand image, the ‘Batwing’ logo was designed by Walter Landor in 1967. The “youthful, yet timeless” emblem was used in the company’s branding from 1967 until 2003.

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How social media platforms can help you: Facebook

Facebook is the most popular social media platform, so including it in your marketing plan is certainly a good idea. 

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The story of the Levi's logo (part 1)

To appreciate the heritage behind the world's most famous clothing brand, the history is important. Part one begins nearly 300 years ago.

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The story of the Nike 'Swoosh' logo

When it comes to logo design, the Swoosh is a prime example of why keeping it simple is the number one consideration.

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Search engine optimisation - the genesis

"They didn’t realise it at the time, but Page and Brin had invented the concept of modern Search Engine Optimisation"

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How social media platforms can help you: Instagram

"Instagram isn’t age specific and has a very diverse user base."

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What makes a good website?

"The most important aspect of any website is usability. If users can't find their way around the website, it's not likely they will stick around for long."

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How social media platforms can help you: TikTok

TikTok can accommodate any businesses and brand and if used correctly, it can be greatly beneficial to your social media marketing plan.

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Creating a professional, eye-catching and accurate logo for your business (part 2)

Business owners don’t need to know or care about the intricacies of logo design, there are plenty of companies that will design one, so what’s the problem?

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